4 Reasons To Leave Garage Door Installation To The Pros

10 July 2018
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Now that you've decided to invest in a new garage door, you're probably wondering if you should forego the cost and hassle of hiring a professional and do the work yourself. While a DIY installation can be a potential money-saver, in some instances, there are plenty of reasons for you to leave the work to your garage door technician.

1. Experience

As a do-it-yourselfer, chances are you have a little experience with fixing things around the house. You might have even dealt with a major repair or two on your own. A DIY garage door installation isn't outside the realm of possibility, and plenty of homeowners have managed to get the job done.

However, the average DIYer won't have the professional expertise and experience that a qualified garage door technician possesses. The average technician has several years -- or even decades, in many cases -- of formal training and practical experience under their belt.

2. Safety

Installing a garage door on your own not only has the potential to become a frustrating experience, but it could also turn into a painful one if you're not careful. Each year, thousands of homeowners make unplanned emergency room visits due to injuries from installing and maintaining their own garage doors. Certain types of garage doors, including those that use torsion springs, can even prove deadly if installed incorrectly.

Your garage door technician has the specialized training and safety equipment needed for a safe and injury-free garage door installation. Leaving your installation in the hands of a professional can keep you out of harm's way so you can tackle other, safer DIY tasks.

3. Quality

Garage door technicians understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time. A high-quality installation from a seasoned professional usually results in a door that works smoothly and reliably from the start. There's no guarantee that a DIY installation will have the same level of quality as an installation done professionally.

A quality installation from a professional also ensures your garage door lasts longer and requires little to no emergency service.

4. Warranties

Having your garage door installation guaranteed by professional gives you greater peace of mind. On the off chance that something goes wrong after the installation, you can call on your garage door technicians to examine the problem and correct it under the warranty agreement. Some firms even offer a "money-back guarantee" that provides a partial or complete refund if you're not satisfied with the work.

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