3 Good Reasons To Have A Professional Install Your New Garage Door

29 November 2017
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Now that you've decided to buy a new garage door, it's important to consider having it installed by a professional opposed to doing it yourself – here's why: Save Money on Repairs One of the benefits of having a professional install your new garage door is that you'll likely save some money on repairs as time goes on. Because your service provider has the experience and expertise needed to ensure that the door gets properly installed, you won't have to worry about any nuts or bolts being left out during the process. Read More 

Tips For Homeowners That Own Garage Doors

23 March 2017
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An automatic garage door can be a very useful feature for a home. Yet homeowners can frequently neglect to follow the steps that are necessary for getting the most out of these doors. For those that typically use the spring months to clean and organize your house, you may want to add several garage door maintenance tips to your spring cleaning routine. Apply Lubricant To The Door's Lift System Being properly lubricated is easily among the most important factors for limiting the damage that the friction of opening and closing the door will generate. Read More