A Bad Logic Board Might Be The Reason Your Garage Door Is Being Erratic

8 December 2020
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When your garage door gets stuck or operates erratically, you want to fix the problem quickly for safety and security reasons. A number of things can cause a garage door to malfunction, and one of those is a faulty logic board. Here are signs a logic board is bad and the repairs you might need to have done.

The Purpose Of A Garage Door Logic Board

The logic board looks similar to a circuit board in a computer. It controls the safety features on your door as well as the opening and closing operations. It also interprets the radio signals from your remotes and stores programmed information. When the logic board goes bad, your door may not work at all or it might open or close by itself.

The Signs A Logic Board Is Bad

If you close your garage door only to have it open by itself, that is a sign the board could be bad. The door may suddenly stop working, and if this happens after a lightning storm, you may want to suspect damage to the board caused by lightning.

When your garage door doesn't open or close properly, another problem could be to blame, so you may not even suspect the logic board is the problem until the garage door repair service troubleshoots the issue and discovers a bad board is to blame.

The Repairs That Could Be Needed

Before you call a garage door repair service, you might want to hunt for all your remotes to make sure one isn't accidentally depressed and causing the door to act odd. You might also want to check the sensors at the bottom of your door and even follow the troubleshooting steps in the owner's manual.

If you can't figure out what's wrong with the door, call for professional help. Once the repair person has determined the logic board is bad, they can offer suggestions on how to proceed. Depending on what's wrong with the board, the repair person might be able to fix the problem with a few repairs. However, if the board was damaged by lightning or has other damage that can't be repaired, you'll need to have a new logic board put in.

Once the opener is mounted back in its place, the door can be tested for proper operation to be sure the problem is fixed. Replacing a bad logic board isn't one of the most common residential garage door repairs, but it's something to keep in mind when your door isn't working and you can't figure out why. Repairs are usually fairly quick and easy when done by a professional with experience taking openers apart and installing them.