Why You Should Hire A Professional To Install Your Garage Door

12 April 2018
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It's possible that your old garage door is giving you problems or has stopped working completely. It might be time to either repair it or even install a brand new door. You might have been thinking of doing this garage door installation or repair on your own but there are some very good reasons why you should hire a professional installer instead. Why should you get your garage door installed by a professional? Here are just a few good reasons.

Years of Experience

You might think that installing a garage door is easy and perhaps you have read a few books or watched videos on the subject and think you can do it, but it actually takes a lot of knowledge and experience to do it properly.

When you hire a professional installer, you are getting someone who has trained extensively in installing or repairing garage doors including repairing the mechanics and even retrofitting the frame for newer doors. If this job isn't done correctly, it can lead to problems that could arise later including safety issues with the door itself.

Right Equipment and Parts

It is possible that if you decide to install the door yourself that you will buy the right parts for your particular garage. However, when you hire a professional, you can be assured that they will have the correct parts you need for every part of the installation. This includes the door itself, the opener based on the weight of the door and size of your garage opening and the correct tools to do the job right. This can include tools to align the door correctly, the proper wiring and the right materials to secure the door and opener.

Trained in Safety

The job of installing garage doors is not an easy one and it can come with some dangers. You could have a spring malfunction, the door could fall while securing it, or the opener might suffer from a short. Professional installers are trained in all aspects of safety and know how to install and secure the door and opener safely. They also know what to do if something goes wrong to prevent further damage to the door, frame or opener and to avoid injury to themselves.

Keep Your Warranty

The majority of garage doors when bought at a store or directly from the manufacturer come with a warranty. However, this might be voided if you attempt to install the door yourself. When you hire a professional, you can keep your manufacturer warranty and potentially have an extended warranty from the installer for their work.