Five Factors You Should Consider When Choosing Steel Or Wooden Garage Doors

10 June 2015
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If you're installing a new garage door, you may be struggling to decide between steel or wooden garage doors. Both have many great advantages and a few drawbacks. When making your decision, ensure you consider these five important factors to help guide your choice. As the homeowner, it's your job to determine which advantages outweigh the drawbacks.


Perhaps the most important factor to consider is the cost. Steel garage doors are typically less expensive than wood garage doors. They cost about $750 to $1200 to install, while roll-up wood garage doors cost between $800 and $3000 or more. There is a cheap wood option: tilt-up plywood doors, which cost about $400 to $700. Of course, with plywood, you won't get the same beauty of a natural wood garage door. They are also less durable and offer little insulation. If you're on a tight budget, your best bet is to choose a steel garage door and steer clear of plywood.


When choosing any feature for your home, you must consider how much maintenance it requires, especially if you are the type of homeowner who prefers to do as little maintenance as possible. Steel garage doors don't require much upkeep to ensure they continue looking good. You may need to wash it off with the hose every once in a while or put a fresh coat of paint on it every few years. On the other hand, wooden garage doors require a lot more work. It's even more important to keep the door clean and well-painted/stained to prevent rot. Plus, you have to watch for bugs and keep the weather-stripping intact to avoid water damage.


Both wood and steel garage doors are extremely durable. As long as they are well-maintained, both can withstand storms, wind and rain well. However, steel garage doors are more prone to dents, especially if you use a cheaper and thinner gauge of steel. Steel garage doors are also more likely to scratch than wood garage doors. On the bright side, if you choose roll-up garage doors, you don't usually have to replace the entire thing if damage occurs. In most cases, you can simply replace the damaged panel, which can save you serious cash by lengthening the life of the garage door.


Wood has a good natural insulation value, making it a great option for keeping your belongings safe and sound from the weather. This is a great perk if you keep weather-sensitive items in your garage, such as movies and photographs. A high insulation value can also help keep your heating and cooling costs low, especially if you heat/cool your garage or have bedrooms over your garage. Steel alone offers little insulation, but steel garage doors are hollow, and you can have insulation added to the center, giving them more power to protect your stuff and promote energy savings.


You don't want the same garage door as everyone else on your street. You want options. Both steel and wood garage doors have different options, such as color and style. With steel, you can even choose a design that mimics the look of wood. However, wood garage doors offer the most customization possible. You can get wood garage doors custom built for you. Of course, the more customization you want, the more expensive they are. With steel, you still have many great styles, but you can save thousands of dollars.

Choosing your next garage door may not be the most important decision you'll make, but it is one you must consider carefully. Whether you choose wood or steel, just make sure to have a qualified garage door specialist install the door. For more information about garage doors, contact a contractor in your area today.