5 Facts You Need To Know About Steel Garage Doors

9 June 2015
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If you're ready to replace your old garage doors, consider replacing them with hollow steel garage doors. They are affordable, durable and look great. Before you buy, however, check out these five facts to help you determine if steel garage doors are the perfect option for your home.

They Can Have Insulation Added

Alone, steel garage doors are definitely not the most energy-efficient option. They have a low R-value, so heat and cold pass right through the steel, forcing you to use more energy, especially if you heat or cool your garage. However, steel garage doors have something not all garage doors have: an empty space between the steel walls. This space is perfect for adding sheets of insulation to block the transfer of heat better than wood garage doors. This added insulation turns these steel doors into energy-efficient doors that can keep any temperature-sensitive items safe and sound in your garage.

Steel Garage Doors Don't Need Much Maintenance

Steel garage doors are perfect for homeowners who prefer low-maintenance options. Of course, as with any garage door, you'll need to perform some routine maintenance, such as keeping tracks free of debris, greasing chains and springs and monitoring how the system functions. However, steel withstands the elements well, especially when compared to wood garage doors. If the door becomes dirty, simply clean it off with a hose. You should, however, ensure the door remains well-protected with paint to prevent rust. 

They Are Prone to Dents

Steel is a strong material, but steel garage doors aren't immune to damage, and they are especially prone to dents because they aren't solid steel. The thickness of the steel plays a big role in how easily the steel dents. Obviously, a thinner gauge of steel is more likely to dent with a small collision. In many cases, however, if your door does get dented, you don't have to replace the entire steel garage door. You simply have to replace the single damaged panel, which can save you money while keeping your garage door looking great.

Steel Garage Doors Are An Affordable Option

Steel garage doors are one of the more affordable options, but they aren't as inexpensive as aluminum and plywood doors. This makes them a perfect option for someone who doesn't want to spend a fortune but also doesn't want a cheap garage door. On average, steel garage doors cost $750 to $1200 for the actual door and installation. By comparison, cheaper plywood and aluminum doors cost $400 to $700 and wood costs $2500 to $3000. When choosing your steel garage doors, keep in mind that many factors affect the price, including the gauge of steel, whether you choose added insulation and whether you choose a stock model.

They Aren't as Customizable as Wooden Garage Doors

If you are looking for customized garage doors, steel garage doors may not be the best option. Steel garage doors do come with some level of customization, including the color. However, they do not have the same level of customization as wooden garage doors. If you do choose to get your steel garage doors customized, keep in mind that the more customization you request, the higher the price, especially if you request personalized customizations. The great thing about steel garage doors, however, is that you don't really need much customization to get garage doors that look beautiful because the material is quality and durable.

Steel garage doors have many great benefits, and they are affordable. Unlike some of the cheaper options, they look great and are durable. If you are ready for beautiful new garage doors, contact a contractor in your area and request a quote and find out how steel garage doors can improve your home.